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Managing your Perch profile
Managing your Perch profile
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Personal Information

First things first, lets get to know eachother. Once inside of your profile, you'll be able to update your legal first and last name, your date of birth, first time home buyer status and more. These are are all items we need to help you work through the financing process to purchase a new home or to switch, renew or refinance a loan on an existing property.

Employment and Residence History

In addition to your personal detail perch will also need to know about your employment and residence history. You can add these items from their subsequent sections within your profile.

πŸ’‘ Your Perch advisor will need your last 3 years of employment and residence history. If you've been unemployed in the last 3 years, please use the employment history section to denote any period of unemployment.

Additional Sources of Income

If you earn any additional income on a recurring basis, you can enter that information in the other income section. These are items like interest, dividends, child support, etc.

Assets and Debts

The difference between the assets you own and your outstanding debts is known as your Net Worth. Perch automatically calculates your net worth by comparing your recorded assets and debts in your profile. Your net worth is not only required to apply for a mortgage, but keeping it up to date in your perch profile helps Perch make better recommendations.

For example we use all of your profile details to determine the different mortgage offers you may qualify for helps Perch make more relevant recommendations on how you could invest excess equity you build up your property or how you could save on your monthly mortgage payments.

πŸ’‘ Keeping your entire profile up-to-date (even if you're not currently seeking a mortgage) gives the Perch recommendation engine a more accurate representation of your financial profile so it can make better recommendations to help maximize your wealth.

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