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Using your Perch Referral Link
Using your Perch Referral Link

Perch Referral Link System: A Guide for Partners and Realtors

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At Perch, we've designed a sophisticated referral link system to enhance and streamline the process of lead management and monitoring for partners, realtors, and clients. This document explains how referral links function, the benefits they offer to our users, and the technical mechanisms behind them.

Referral Link Format

Your referral link follows a standardized URL format that directs users to our sign-up page and will be provided to you by your Perch account manager.

Here, <your-referral-code> represents the unique referral code assigned to you.

Benefits of Referral Links

1. Customized Sign-Up Experience:

Referral links enable a customized sign-up page that includes your logo or profile picture and name, providing a personalized experience for potential clients.

Any invitations created / sent to clients via Perch's API will include your referral link and subsequently the sign up page seen by your invited lead will be branded.

2. Tracking and Analytics:

  • When a client signs up using your referral code, the code is used to tag the new user account. This tagging helps in tracking the referral source and managing internal analytics.

  • This data is crucial for issuing referral fees where applicable and allows partners and realtors to monitor the effectiveness of their referral strategies.

3. Automated Email Notifications:

  • Realtors receive updates when:

    • A lead completes signs up for Perch

    • A lead is pre-approved (including the pre-approval amount)

    • A leads mortgage application is ready to fund.

  • Partners are notified when:

    • A lead completes signs up for Perch

    • A Lead's mortgage application is funded

4. Integration with Embedded Tools:

Our embedded tools automatically incorporate your relevant referral code when a user opts to sign up through any of our available tools. Information about integrating and using embedded tools is available at Perch Embeds Documentation.

Access to Data via Public API

Realtors and partners can also access data related to their referrals through our public API. This feature allows for enhanced transparency and the ability to integrate Perch data with your internal tools or systems. The API documentation is accessible here:

Perch API Documentation and requires an active API key to use.

You must have an account to our docs to be able to access the API specific documentation. Contact your account manager at Perch to inquire about access to our API and documentation.

Use Cases and Functionality

  • For Partners:

    • Referral codes used by partners have limited functionality compared to those used by realtors. They primarily facilitate the customized sign-up process and alert partners as to when a lead signs up and becomes a Perch client.

    • Partners who need access to additional details like pre-approvals, application status, etc. are encouraged to inquire about access to our Public API with their Perch account manager.

  • For Realtors:

    • Realtors benefit from advanced tracking, customized notifications, and access to detailed analytics through the API to ensure Realtors are up-to-date on the entire application flow so they can take action where needed.

    • Realtors looking to integrate the referral tracking details into their internal system are encouraged to inquire about access to our Public API with thier Perch account manager.


The Perch referral link system is designed to support our partners and realtors by providing a customized, streamlined, and efficient user acquisition process. By leveraging this system, you can enhance your engagement with clients, improve tracking of referrals, and optimize your marketing strategies. For further assistance or inquiries, please consult our detailed API documentation or contact your Perch account manager.

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