Renewing a Mortgage

Simply your renewal process, explore new terms and secure the best rates with Perch.

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You'll never have to worry about forgetting your mortgage renewal when you track your property and mortgage with Perch. We send reminder emails at 120, 90, 60 and 30 days leading up to your renewal.

If you haven't already added your property to Perch you can start the process to renew your Mortgage by starting a Renewing Plan from your Perch Dashboard. Alternatively, you can add your property details and mortgage to your Perch account by visiting the Properties page and then start your Renewal Plan from there.
Perch can help track property value over time, analyze your available equity and reveal insights into how you could save on your monthly payment through our switch savings feature.

πŸ’‘ Did you know that you can actually lock a rate in for a renewal as early as 120 days before your mortgage's maturity date!

As soon as your mortgage enters this 120 day renewal window, you'll see the option, in your property details page, to renew your existing mortgage.

Simply click renew now to start a plan to renew this mortgage.

If you're interested in adjusting your term, exploring an interest only mortgage or accessing the equity in your property as part of your renewal, simply let your advisor know when they reach out as part of the renewal plan process and they will provide you with all of your options.

If you'd like to know more about accessing the equity in your property we've written an article about the options to pull equity out of a property and how it may impact your mortgage payments.

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