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Share your property with a co-owner
Share your property with a co-owner

Invite a co-owner to Perch to give them access to the same great property insights you're already getting from Perch.

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Adding a co-owner to your property is quick and easy. Navigate your your properties page on Perch, click on the property you'd like to share with your co-owner. Once your property loads, click the "add co-owner" button.

You'll be asked to provide, your co-owners first and last name, email address and their relationship to you (the primary owner). We need to know both who the primary owner of the property is and the relationship of each co-owner to the primary owner as it can impact some of our insight calculations like the amount of money you could save on your monthly payment by switching or refinancing with a different lender.

If your co-owner is technically the primary owner, we recommend contacting your advisor as they will be able to help you change this setting.

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